Turn-key Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

The solution for establishing EV Charging Stations across your entire Commercial Real Estate Portfolio.

As our society moves towards the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), a massive overhaul of our nation’s electrical infrastructure will be necessary.  It requires a systemic change of a multitude of factors including industry standards, common practices, legal updates, training, and much more.  Furthermore, this infrastructure update will require time and investment as this update is not going to happen overnight; but it IS going to happen.

With the exponential growth of the electric vehicle industry comes a new opportunity for real estate owners.  Deploying EV Charging Stations on your property can provide new financial benefits including a new stream of revenue as well as an overall increase in property value.

Data suggests any area where an EV remains idle for 3+ hours will provide the opportunity to regenerate their batteries to an optimal level.  With improving energy-technology reducing the cost of the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery, most automobile manufacturers will be offering less-expensive EVs over the next few years.  In fact, it is very possible that 20% of all vehicles on the road (in the United States) will be electric within the next 10 years.

Because parking these EVs at a gas station for 30 minutes to 4 hours is not feasible, drivers are going to charge their cars in other places.  This means that Commercial Real Estate owners will provide the infrastructure for refueling electric vehicles.

Refuel Electric Vehicle Solutions, or REVS, was established to help property owners take advantage of this rare and unique opportune transition.  We will take you from start to finish on deploying EV charging stations while ensuring that you are receiving the best product, service and solution; for you and your clients.

Where are people going to refuel their EVs?

Our Turn-key Solution

All commercial real estate is different and REVS will provide a solution tailored to fit your needs.  Our goal is to provide you with the best roll-out strategy based on a variety of factors.  To discuss our strategy for your properties, schedule a discussion at your convenience!

  • Initial Consultation
  • Pre-Installation Work
  • Installations
  • Post-Deployment


Introduction to REVS' services and Blink Products to address your objectives.

Ownership & Operation

With 40 years in the commercial real estate industry, REVS offers options to own and manage the charging stations on your property. 

Survey & Estimates

Reviewing and understanding your site's existing electrical capacity.

Data Assessment

We will perform a demographic analysis of your site and surrounding area to determine your needs.  REVS will also run a competitor analysis and conduct a market survey.

Grant Applications

REVS is constantly searching for grants and certifications from public and private entities to assist in installation and ownership cost-reduction.

Turn-key Bid

An all-inclusive, detailed proposal to install and/or manage your charging station(s).

Contractor Engagement

Working with ownership and management, we will source a suitable electrical contractor to install the necessary electrical infrastructure on your site.

Commissioning the Charging Station

REVS will work with ownership and management to establish the program parameters of the station and set customizable billing rates.

Management Services

REVS offers creative solutions to property owners to maximize value while limiting investment amount.

Data Collection & Insights

REVS will oversee and manage data-collection to assist property owners in maximizing the value and return on investment of your charging stations.

About Us

Every property is different. REVS has the knowledge and experience to help your property implement and manage your EV Charging Stations across your portfolio nation-wide. REVS is client-focused to ensure that you are always going to get the best product and service with a smooth deployment.

REVS Leadership

Having 40+ years of experience in the capitalization of commercial real estate, REVS has a unique insight into the needs of property owners looking to provide electric vehicle charging stations throughout their portfolio.  Read more about our team members and reach out to discuss solutions for your portfolios.

David Aaronson

Founder & CEO

David has been a successful commercial mortgage banker for over 40 years. During this time, he has arranged debt and equity capital for commercial real estate investors and developers throughout the United States. As the shift towards Electric Vehicles gains momentum, he has realized that commercial real estate will provide the infrastructure to refuel the vehicles. Thanks to his many years of structuring real estate transactions, he is acutely aware of the opportunity for property owners to capitalize on this generational opportunity to sell and own EV Charging Stations.

Scott Wise

Co-Founder & Principal

Scott has 32-year career in commercial real estate. A former member of Greystar’s Real Estate Partners Executive Committee, Scott retired from Greystar in April, 2020 to pursue personal interests and explore other opportunities. While at Greystar, Scott was responsible for all of the firm’s development and construction activities across the United States. Elements of this role included site selection, underwriting, due-diligence, product design, financing, quality control, construction supervision, asset management, dispositions and strategic planning. In his 15 years at Greystar, Scott built a team of approximately 300 members whom sponsored over 100 ventures comprising over 40,000 multi-family dwelling units with a market capitalization of approximately $10 billion. Having developed all product types including garden, 4 and 5-story wrap, mid-rise podium product and high rises, Scott is uniquely suited to understanding the impact that EV adoption will have on the multifamily industry, and building a company to service the industry’s needs.

Mike Aaronson

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Mike co-founded REVS with his father after living in Manhattan for 3 years. Prior to establishing REVS, he worked as corporate development for a global security consultant to support internal and external company growth. With a passion for technological innovation and supply chain logistics at an early age, Mike is constantly striving to improve his surroundings.

Jose Garibay

Operations Manager

Jose is the Operations Manager of REVS. Before joining our team in April 2021, Jose spent the last 8 years in the electrical industry as a lead Project Quotations Specialist & Project Manager at two of the largest electrical suppliers in Houston. As a United States Marine Corp Veteran, Jose naturally adapts and overcomes any obstacle in his path to get the job done right.

Blake Redmond

Sales Manager

Blake Redmond joined the REVS team as the Sales Manager. As a natural salesman, his responsibilities include bringing in new clients on a national, state, and local level as well as managing existing accounts and relationships. Before REVS, Blake spent 4 years as a producer for one of the largest insurance brokers in the country. Prior to the business world, Blake spent 5 years playing professional golf on the PGA Tour Canada and the APT. He looks to use his experience in the business world and determination from his athleticism to expand REVS’ clientele.

Our Product Line

REVS is a reseller for the Blink Charging product line, the fastest Level 2 EV Chargers on the market with up to 19.2 kW/hour on a 100 amp circuit! These future-proof, commercial-grade chargers will refuel your vehicle nearly 3x quicker than the standard Level 2 charger. Below is a short video about Blink's IQ 200 Level 2 Charger, the most-powerful Level 2 Charger on the market in the United States. To learn more about Blink Charging and its products, visit their website here.

Level 2 Chargers

Blink IQ 200 Advanced Charging Station

Distributing up to 19.2 kW/hour, the IQ 200 Advanced Charging Station is a standalone unit with programmable functionality allowing customizable billing rates and data collection of usage. To learn more, click here.

Blink IQ 200 Smart Charging Station

With the same power output as the IQ 200 Advanced Charging Station, the Blink IQ 200 Smart Charger is controlled by the Blink IQ 200 Advanced Charging Station. To learn more, click here.

Blink Charging Accessories

Contact Us

REVS is standing by to support you. If you are interested deploying EV chargers on your properties but are not sure where to start, start with getting in touch with us. Alternatively, you can call us at (833) 738-7382. Thank you for your interest in REVS and we will be in touch soon!

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